1. SAM

The annual Shalakany Arbitration Moot (“SAM”) provides an effective and fun method of hands on education. In the SAM competition, students are given a legal case that includes evidence, exhibits, correspondence between parties, and clients with varying concerns and legal issues. University student acts as counsel for each party.
Each team participating in the SAM competition is composed of two to eight students, advocating for both the Claimant and the Respondent. Each team is required to prepare two (2) legal memoranda based on the facts of the case provided, then participate in oral pleadings. The SAM competition is carried out completely in English.
Four members of the winning team of the SAM are fully sponsored by the Firm to participate the following year in the renowned Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot competition in either Vienna or Hong Kong.


2. VIS

The Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot competition (“Vis Moot”) is the largest international arbitration moot competition in the world. The Vis Moot takes place in Vienna and Hong Kong.
Over 350 law schools from all around the world participate in the competition.
The Firm sponsors 4 members of the winning team of the SAM competition to participate in the Vis Moot.


3. SLM

Shalakany Litigation Moot (“SLM”)

To complement the volunteering work of the Firm in development of practical application field for studying the law and in effort to prepare the students to practice the legal profession, our Firm is organizing a competition for the first time in Arabic for law students in various universities across Egypt and the Middle East.
The competition consists of a simulation of a claim including facts and the legal questions thereof. The students then get divided into the plaintiff and the defendant and each group stats conducting research of the claim and drafting defense memoranda. The claim will be based on previous real claims filed before the Egyptian Courts. In addition, the students will be delivering their oral pleadings before well-known lawyers and practitioners who get nominated as judges in the competition.



Jessup is the world’s largest moot court competition concerning public international law issues. Jessup problems are either in the form of a compromis or a dispute that has four issues to it.
Our firm administers and runs the National Rounds of the Jessup. We call on some of the best lawyers in the country to judge in the oral rounds and score memorials. Our aim is to increase the number of participating schools and push forward the mooting culture in Egypt. We only register the teams and communicate with International Law Student Association (“ILSA”) on the status of the National Rounds.
The International Rounds take place in Washington D.C. Universities from all nations participate and the Championship Round is judged by 3 sitting International Court of Justice judges.
Both the National and International Rounds are carried out completely in English.
Our Firm partly sponsors along with other sponsors the winning team in the National Rounds to compete and participate in the International Rounds.