Arbitration and Litigation

Shalakany has acted on almost all major arbitration and litigation cases in Egypt over the past few decades, ranging a number of sectors, including: construction, oil & gas, power, infrastructure, aviation, insurance, employment and tax disputes.

Shalakany Law Office prides itself on being one of the first law firms in Egypt to develop specialized expertise in commercial arbitration. Since the early 1970s, the Firm has been involved in many of the major arbitration cases in Egypt, which include the Pyramids Plateau arbitrations, the Cairo Metro arbitrations, the Ahmad Hamdy Suez Canal Tunnel arbitration and the Isna Barrage arbitration.

The Firm handles, on average, about ten new arbitration cases annually. For this purpose, the Firm has established a specialized Arbitration Group. Apart from arbitration procedures and advocacy and other skills required, members of the Arbitration Group, following the introduction of the Egyptian Arbitration Law No. 27 of 1994, have also, through the Group’s specialized arbitration practice, become leading experts in the negotiation of settlement agreements as well as enforcement procedures through attachments, injunctions, and all other court procedures related to arbitration, including resisting nullity challenges.