about us

Values & Culture

Through the experience, expertise and dedication of its lawyers and staff, the Firm provides bespoke top-quality legal services for its clients.

Each client receives the personal attention of a partner who, as the designated client manager, is responsible for ensuring that all work for the client is handled in a professional and timely manner by the specialized experts within the Firm.

The success of the Firm’s clients is a measure of the Firm’s own success. To assist its clients, the Firm strives to understand their business objectives. The Firm’s ultimate aim is for clients to consider the Firm as their trusted counsel and an extension of their team.


The firm’s culture is firmly founded around our core values, which are:

Commitment to our clients

Understanding the clients’ needs and providing practical and expedient solutions through a partner-led service.

Commitment to our staff

Providing a dedicated platform to support our lawyers and staff to realize their full potential through extensive training and development programs.

Commitment to our community

We firmly believe that being a part of a community requires active contribution to its welfare, wellbeing, and sustainability.

Why Shalakany

What differentiates Shalakany from other law firms is the sense of community, investing in training programs and allowing lawyers opportunity to grow within the firm.

The main characteristics of Shalakany's culture are the spirit of team work and the desire to guarantee a friendly and professional work environment to members of the firm.

The professionalism of a law firm while maintaining the close personal relationships among the lawyers and support staff, who are all part of the Shalakany family.

It is great to work in an environment where you see ethics and integrity implemented as a core value.

The level of collaboration between individual lawyers and specialized teams is very high and is a testament of the quality of our service.

Being part of Shalakany is being part of a family with a friendly atmosphere… you know that someone always has your back.

The firm’s best man for the job approach combined with specialization and collaboration ensure consistency and excellence.

Efficiency and flexibility are deeply engrained in the firm’s culture and guarantee an excellent work/life balance.

As a junior lawyer with Shalakany, I feel a real and impactful investment in my training enabling a clear and ever progressing career path.

At Shalakany you are always surrounded by multifaceted personalities and characters and there is always something new to learn from everyone.

From pro-bono work, mooting to summer associates’ training programs, Shalakany offers several venues through which I can give back to the legal community and participate in the great efforts expended by the civic society.